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If you’re curious about our reality but not familiar with the Double-slit experiment, I think you should take the time to learn about it. It was a favorite of Richard Feynman, a personal hero of mine.

So what about this experiment made me think about the “Are we living in a simulation?” question that has been discussed by folks of late? It’s where it intersects with the Copenhagen Interpretation, which posits that it’s best to stick to the math and think in terms of probability waves rather than discrete measurables.

So you have this experiment that shows that an electron acts like a probability wave, until you actually observe it, and then it’s a particle. Observe it, it’s a particle. Don’t observe it, it’s a wave.

To the software engineer in me, that sounds rather like some sort of optimization. Have the simulation, where it isn’t being observed just operate in fuzzy probabilities. When a part of the system is being observed, resolve the probabilities into discrete particles. Maybe Quantum Physics is where we’ve started detecting the mechanics of the simulation.

Graybeard code monkey, started on an Apple IIe, got a CS degree in the 80’s, and coded my way through C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin — and now Go.

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