People like this are common, particularly when work is shopped out to body shops. Sometimes the imagination bad developers bring to their work can be delightful. I remember one C developer that wrote ALL his separate programs combined in one single source file, using a string of compile time defines to control what was built. Make, libraries, and even header files mystified him apparently. When he was eventually fired I inherited his "five" barely functional, production programs. What I pulled from source control was one shell script and one C file.

First thing I did was run it through the preprocessor with every combination of flag and saved the resultant C files, stitched those back into one library and five separate mains... an experience I'll never forget :-)

Graybeard code monkey, started on an Apple IIe, got a CS degree in the 80’s, and coded my way through C, C++, Objective-C, Java, Kotlin — and now Go.

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